My gazelle

Between Tradition and Modernity in Quebec

By leaving her native land, Ma Gazelle took care to bring with her luggage the traditions and love of her country in order to come and settle in Quebec.
Inspired by the beauty and seasonal colors of the Laurentian landscapes, Ma Gazelle settled at the foot of the mountains and devoted herself entirely to the creation of jewelry, uniting the art of another continent with that of her adopted land.
Driven by the desire to share her passion and personalize her creations, Ma Gazelle pays particular attention to the details and quality of her unique pieces.
Whether for a gift to offer, a specific event theme or simply to treat yourself, Ma Gazelle offers stylized jewelry that will satisfy your tastes and your special requests.

The origins

Beauty symbol

My Gazelle draws its origins from the Berber symbolism of the gazelle, which embodies beauty and grace. In Berber culture, the gazelle is a timeless symbol of femininity, freedom and delicacy. It evokes quiet strength and gentle elegance, thus recalling the fundamental values ​​that inspire each creation of Ma Gazelle.